IntegrityPlus Series
Flexible- and single-premium deferred annuities

Mutual Trust’s IntegrityPlus series offers flexible- and single-premium deferred annuities. Our annuities provide:

  • Tax-deferred earnings, which may enable you to accumulate more money.

  • Principal guaranteed by Mutual Trust.

  • Guaranteed interest rate that is set at issue and will not change for the life of the contract.

  • No upfront sales charges.

  • Low minimum contributions. Our flex annuities can be started with a minimum premium of $300. Our single annuities can be started with a contribution of $5,000.

  • Choice of payout options, including lump sum, or fixed periods (annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly), or in a stream of income you can’t outlive.

  • Upon death of the owner/annuitant, the accumulated annuity value passes directly to the beneficiary, avoiding the delay and expense of probate.*

Most qualified retirement accounts require the owner to take minimum distributions out of the contract beginning at age 70-1/2. With our non-qualified annuities, distributions can be deferred until age 99 without penalty. This flexibility makes them an appealing cash accumulation product.

* See policy provisions for full details.

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Base Policy Form No. 900, 910, or state variation.

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