Horizon Legacy™
Increase the money you leave loved ones while
maintaining control of it during your life

Horizon Legacy is a highly competitive, single premium, participating whole life insurance product that can help you increase, and even potentially double, the amount of money you leave your loved ones while maintaining access and control of it during your lifetime.1

With just one premium you'll enjoy:

  • Guaranteed life insurance protection.

  • Guaranteed, tax-deferred growth of cash values and non-guaranteed dividends.2

  • Access to cash throughout your life, to use in any way you choose, through loans and withdrawals of dividends.3

  • An Accelerated Death Benefit Rider with Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness provisions available at no additional premium. This rider makes it possible to accelerate a portion of your policy’s death benefit if the insured becomes chronically or terminally ill, providing funds at a time when your family might need it most.4

  • Guaranteed, income tax-free death benefit for your loved ones.5

Horizon Legacy versus Other Financial Alternatives

Did you know that in addition to using Horizon Legacy for permanent life insurance protection, you can also use it as a possible financial alternative? Here are items you may wish to consider when comparing Horizon Legacy to tax-deferred and interest-bearing vehicles.6

Graphic chart comparing Horizon Legacy benefits over tax-deferred vehicles and interest-bearing vehicles

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Base Policy Form ICC19 938, or state variation

Mutual Trust Life Solutions insurance policies are issued by Pan-American Life Insurance Company or Pan-American Assurance Company.


Depending on premium paid and size of policy.


Dividends are never guaranteed nor required by law.

Loans and withdrawals of dividend values are subject to income tax on a last-in/first-out basis under a modified endowment contract (MEC). In addition, a 10% IRS penalty may be imposed on loans/withdrawal of dividend values prior to age 59-1/2.

Administrative and reduction fees are taken at the time of acceleration. See rider language for full details.

See Policy Provisions for full details.

6) Neither Mutual Trust Life Solutions, nor independent agents or affiliates, offer legal or tax advice. For advice on taxes and legal issues, please consult a tax or legal expert of your choice.

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